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Coconut Wax Jar Candles

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Limited Edition!

We have created three beautiful candles just in time for Mothers Day!

We are in LOVE with coconut wax! It is clean burning, eco-friendly, sustainable and has the best and creamiest scent throw in a natural wax candle. Yes coconut wax is pricey but we don't care because we adore it and won't use any other waxes for our Sugar Bubbles Candles!

We triple scent our candles and leave them colour free to show off the creamy coconut wax. The crackling wooden wick adds a lovely ambiance.

Each candle comes is a cake box with custom label.

Available in Three beautiful scents!

Buttercream Cookie Dough Cupcake

Maple Honeycomb Ice Cream

Cinnamon Red Hot Crinkle Cookies

10 oz each

*Burn within sight.

*Keep flame away from items that could catch fire.

*Keep away from children.

*Keep burn pool clean.

*Keep away from drafts.

*Keep away from pets.

*Place on protected, heat resistant surface.