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Covid-19 Operations



UPDATED June 24th, 2020 *As we have gone more than two weeks with no new cases masks are no longer required to come inside. You are welcome to wear a mask of course but the choice is yours!

Store hours: Open 7 days a week Sunday to Friday 11-4 and Saturday 11-5


I am super excited to welcome our wonderful Bubble Lovers back into our Seabright store! 

  • To make sure everyone is safe and protected there will be some changes to our normal operations.

1. Only people from the same car permitted inside at a time. If you see customers already inside, please wait for them to exit before coming in.

2. We will have a super quick but effective Hand-San station. Hand-sanitizing upon entry is necessary so products may be touched safely.

3. No products are to be around the nose and mouth area without a MASK in between. It is unfortunate but smelling a tester or naked soap without a mask to protect the product from droplets simply is not possible. Yes, we know you want to smell things and we want you to but at this time it is not possible without a mask to protect products from droplet exposure.

In addition we are taking a bunch of additional precautions including:

  • certain testers will be removed from the floor such as lip products
  • high touch areas (such as front door handles) will be sanitized regularly
  • bathroom will be closed to customers for the time being

Patience will be asked of everyone as there will only be one person working in our store at a time.



Due to lack of demand and extended opening hours we are no longer processing pickup orders.



1. We are shipping orders out twice a week. Usually Monday and Friday. Just because you place an order before Monday (for example) it does not mean your order will 100% go out on Monday. It depends on how many other orers are before yours. Please expect delays.

*Canada Post is not honoring it's delivery guarantees due to the ongoing Covid-19 measures that are in place. This is from their website: "Customers should anticipate delays as important safety measures, including physical distancing, means it takes longer to process heavy parcel volumes. Our call centres have no further information."

** If the above procedures do not work for you I totally understand but please DO NOT order from us. I have a zero tolerance policy on rude and aggressive behavior and name calling. Customers behaving this way will have orders cancelled and will be blocked from placing further orders.


I hope that helps and I think you all for the amazing support, kind emails, photos of your families enjoying Sugar Bubbles goodies, bread delivery and overall NICENESS we have received during this time! It is noted and appreciated!