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Detox Shower Steamer

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Pure Peppermint extreme essential oil and menthol crystals. If it sounds aggressive....it is because it is! This is my personal favourite! I love to close my shower door tightly and breathe deeply. I always use my steamers at the end of my shower and I find myself rushing through to get to the good stuff. I love the tingle I get from this detox blend and they way my head and nose clear almost instantly. The best way to shake off the winter blues, a little too much wine the night before or that sluggish feeling when you are just over worked and under rested.

We only use pure essential oils in our shower steamers to give you a steamy aromatherpy session in your own bathroom.

Simply place on the floor of your shower when the spray will activate the steamer. Make sure you don't place the puck where the water pools or it will melt a little faster.

We ALWAYS recommend using your steamer at the beginning OR end of your shower. That way you can focus on the aroma benefits and breathing deeply. In addition, your other scented products won't mess with it's potency. The more enclosed your shower, the richer the experience!