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Hand & Body Butter Foot Butter- Glide On (smooth & buttery)

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Available online for a limited time only!

These little cuties are packed with butters oils and wholesome ingredients! Think Cocoa Butter, Ilippe Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Beeswax and more!

They have no added liquids so provide the most concentrated moisture blast we offer! They begin to soften and melt just from the warmth of your skin. Simply pop the top and glide over your hands and entire body. No alcohol and no liquids also means the scent will cling to your skin making for a moisture packed perfume stick!

What about stubborn, cracked skin? Smooth these suckers over dry feet, knees....wherever!

Let the healing begin!

This product will disappear in warmer weather as it will melt in shipment so snap them up while you can! if you live in a hot climate like Florida, you may order these but it will be at your own risk!

NET WT. 3 oz (85 g)

To Use:  Simply pop the top and glide over dry skin! If the weather is cold you may have to warm the lotion against your skin before gliding. Heat sensitive! Do not store in hot areas as your lotion may melt!

Packaging: Served in a roll-up, glide-on stick with full ingredient label.