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IMPORTANT Operations Covid-19 READ FIRST


 UPDATED July 30th, 2020

Store hours: Open 7 days a week Sunday to Friday 11-4 and Saturday 11-5

Premier Stephen McNeil and Dr. Robert Strang, chief medical officer of health for Nova Scotia, announced July 24, that masks will become mandatory in most indoor public places starting July 31.

 Children under two are exempt, as well as children aged two to four when their caregiver cannot get them to wear a mask. People with a valid medical reason for not wearing a mask are exempt.

People are asked to use their own masks.

Shopping at Sugar Bubbles will look a little different for the time being.

1. Please wear a mask if you plan on visiting us and please do not pull the mask down to smell naked products. This is to avoid droplet transfer.

2. A maximum of 4 people are permitted inside at any time. If you are a single car or van-load and are more than 4, you may all come inside but only if the there are no other guests inside at the time. In other words if your group is more than 4, you must be the only group inside.

3. You must use our hand sanitizer upon entry. Even if you put some on in the car, our quick and easy spritz will get you shopping easily and without hassle.

4. We ask that you help us out and please be kind, especially to the teenagers we have working. Most people are so very nice but it can have a long lasting effect when one of the girls has to endure a lecture or anger or aggression over something they have no control over. Please remember this and think of how you would feel if someone in your family were treated this way. You would feel upset and so do we.

Thank you so very much for all of your support thus far. It means the world to us! No matter where you fall on the spectrum of 'feelings' over Covid ('not bothered at all and everyone is over-reacting" straight up to "I am terrified") ..... we RESPECT you and the way you feel. Please remember this does not change our policies, it just means we support YOU!!




1. We are shipping orders out twice a week. Usually Wednesday and Friday. Just because you place an order before Wednesday (for example) it does not mean your order will 100% go out on Wednesday. It depends on how many other orders are before yours. Please expect delays. We DO NOT automatically send you your tracking number. This is time consuming and not possible right now. If you have waited 10 business days and your order has not been received please let us know and we will be happy to both track your parcel and also provide you with your tracking number. IMPORTANT: 99.9% of the time that someone contacts me about a lost package it shows it has already been delivered to the community mailbox or concierge of their building. Sometimes the week prior. Please check these places to make sure your parcel isn't sitting waiting for you. We have had zero packages that have actually been lost... yay!!

*Canada Post is not honoring it's delivery guarantees due to the ongoing Covid-19 measures that are in place. This is from their website: "Customers should anticipate delays as important safety measures, including physical distancing, means it takes longer to process heavy parcel volumes. Our call centres have no further information."

** If the above procedures do not work for you I totally understand but please DO NOT order from us at this time so you will not be disappointed. 


I hope that helps and I think you all for the amazing support, kind emails, photos of your families enjoying Sugar Bubbles goodies, bread delivery and overall NICENESS we have received during this time! It is noted and appreciated!