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We are super excited to finally offer the most wonderful beeswax candles in Canada!

Beeswax are certainly NOT your typical candle. They do not contain and added fragrance oils, simply pure beeswax and organic infusions. Beeswax candles actually clean the air we breathe while emitting a warm and natural glow. The only candle that emits negative ions to purify, cleanse, improve air quality, and invigorate the body. A natural ionizer!

Beeswax makes divine candles as the pure wax is rare and expensive. Beeswax costs about 10 times more than paraffin. They estimate that the bees must fly 150,000 miles to collect enough nectar to produce six pounds of honey just to secrete one pound of wax. And for every 100 pounds of honey harvested, the beekeeper can only obtain about 1-2 pounds of the beeswax. Pretty amazing!